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1.5h Massage

Immerse yourself in an experience of sensuality, without a goal, without having to or being supposed to. Let me guide you through the worlds of your inner and outer feelings. Let me accompany you on your very own journey to rediscover yourself.

290 CHF

2h Massage

Give yourself even more space and depth to fully arrive in your essence and experience deep relaxation and ecstatic awakening - wherever your being wants to take you. I accompany you mindfully and with loving presence on the journey to your true core.

390 CHF

The venue is near the city of Zug and can easily be reached by public transport or car.

I look forward to accompanying you on your journey.

«You were there, in full presence, brought me back to inner peace, lifted me up, held me, gave me incredibly beautiful touch, security, acceptance, peace and security - and all of this with an unbelievable naturalness.»



There are many labels, many descriptions and names for me. I took very different paths trying out a lot of things and always discovering myself in new and different ways. What all these trips have in common is letting go, transformation and re-creation of my personality and my identity. Hence I am in constant change, but always essentially on my own personal mission in the interests of the greater whole:

I am here to embody uniqueness - through art, through touch, through co-creation, through my individual being as a whole and in one-on-one encounters.

I am here to hold space for others to explore and discover their very own being.

I look forward to getting to know you and accompanying you on your path to more inner connection and joy in life.

Becoming and Being

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«Thank you very much again for the incredible experience yesterday. I don't even know how I would describe myself afterwards, I was somehow incredibly relaxed, tired and yet more awake and closer to myself.»


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